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Below are current communications that the WCA have received from the City of Ottawa that are not OC Transpo - Stage 2 related items

498 Wentworth Variances

On July 6 the WCA received notice of the pending redevelopment of 498 Wentworth AVE by the owners architect. The existing older bungalow is proposed to be torn down and a new semi built.

The project is asking for three areas of relief in order to build a 2 storey semi-detached home with 2200 square foot per side. There are a couple of new semi’s at the south end of Wentworth AVE.

Relief Requested
In order to proceed, the owner requires the authority of the Committee for Minor Variances from the Zoning By-law as follows:

  1. To permit a reduced lot width of 7.65 m metres, whereas the By-law requires a minimum lot width of 9.0 metres.

  2. To permit a reduced lot area of 229.8 m2 for PT 1 and 230 m2 for PT 2 whereas the By-law requires a minimum lot area of 270.0 m2

  3. To permit an increased height limit from average grade to 8.85m whereas the By-law requires a maximum height limit of 8.0 m.

Here is the information we received.

The development is before the Committee of Adjustment on July 22,2020, Committee page link.

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