Pet Portrait Contest

Keep your cameras handy! Furry, feathered or something else, we love our pets. What better way to show them our appreciation than to cajole them into a photo session so we can show them off to our Woodpark community.

Raven Portrait.jpg

Best Dog, Best Cat and Best Other are the three categories for the contest. The first two categories are self-explanatory, the third needs some clarifying.  We know that some of the fur and feather babies might not be a dog or a cat so this the category for them. It is also the category for Woodparkers who don’t have a pet in their household. The Best Other category can include portraits you capture of backyard wildlife. We want everyone to be able to participate. It doesn’t even have to be from your backyard, anywhere in Woodpark will qualify. However it does have to be a picture of a “pet” that you have taken.


You can submit up to three pictures or short video (no more than 10 seconds) although one of the three must be a photo. To make this manageable, please keep it to only three pictures. If you have multiple pets in your home you can still only submit three photos but if you have a cat and a dog and/or an other, there will be a voting buttons for each.


Pictures will be accepted for the contest  from November 8th – November 23rd.  Voting will occur from November 24th – November 29th. Winners will be announced on November 30th.

Voting will be done via email like the Pumpkin Tour. It takes a lot more work to do it this way, but if the community participation stays strong and continues to grow the WCA can consider investing in voting tools on our website.


We have two $50 gift certificates prizes donated by Ren’s Pets  and one from Critter Jungle. We thank them for supporting our community.