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The Woodpark CA has been discussing the need to increase community amenities and green space. One challenge our community faces is ready access to off leash dog spaces. The idea of more green space, amenities and a dog park came from consultations the CA did last year with the community and we are excited to keep the conversation going and learn more from you.

The lands at Edgeworth and Richmond RD -SW corner was a former gas station, acquired by the Region in support of Richmond RD right-of-way space. These lands are being used by the City and KEV during rail construction and at some point will be returned to the public. The former gas station is a brownfield and we are researching the level of hydro-carbon contamination and possible ways the lands can make a positive contribution to our community.

We would like to know your thoughts how these lands can make a positive contribution to our community!

What ideas do you have for this land that would support the community? (choose all that apply)
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