Woodpark Pet Portraits

Thank you to everyone who participated. All of the pets are great. We hope everyone had fun!

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Luc P. - Diego and Ralf

Luc P - Diego.jpg
Luc P - Ralf.jpeg

Erica D. - Remi

Erica D - Remi 1.jpeg
Erica D - Remi 2.jpeg

Jackie B. - Zoe

Jackie B - Zoe 3.jpeg
Jackie B - Zoe 2.jpeg
Jackie B - Zoe 1.jpeg

Robert C. - Mia

Robert C - Mia 1.jpeg
Robert C - Mia 3.jpeg
Robert C - Mia 2.jpeg

Jennifer M. - Tipper

Jennifer M - Tipper 1.jpeg
Jennifer M - Tipper 2.jpeg
Jennifer M - Tipper 3.jpeg

Arthur B. - Otus

Arthur B - Otus Composite.jpg

Jessica H. - Sasha

Jessica H - Sasha - 1.jpeg
Jessica H - Sasha - 3.jpeg

Tanya K. - Bella and Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch the 4th

Winner - Best Cat


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