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Help us put the Wood back in Woodpark!

We need your help to plant 100 trees in Woodpark by Fall 2024!

Due to the LRT construction, storms and pests, we have recently lost many trees from Woodpark. We know that trees improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve biodiversity, provide shade, and raise property values. For these reasons, the Woodpark Community Association and Woodpark residents have committed to planting 100 trees by Fall 2024. We hope you’ll help this important cause and plant a tree on your property this year!

Trees (small)

  • Alternate-leaved Dogwood – Cornus alternifolia

  • Blue-beech – Carpinus caroliniana

  • Hawthorn – Crataegus chrysocarpa, C. flabellata or C. submollis

  • Pin Cherry – Prunus pensylvanica

  • Maple, either Mountain or Striped – Acer spicatum or A. pensylvanicum

  • Serviceberry – Amelanchier arborea

  • White Cedar (evergreen) – Thuja occidentalis

  • Tamarack – Larix laricina

  • White Pine (evergreen) – Pinus strobus

Trees (Large)

  • American Beech – Fagus grandifolia

  • Balsam Fir (evergreen) – Abies balsamea

  • Birch, either White or Yellow – Betula papyrifera or B. alleghaniensis

  • Bitternut Hickory – Carya cordiformis

  • Black Cherry – Prunus serotina

  • Maple, either Red, Silver, or Sugar – Acer rubrum, A. saccharinum, or A. saccharum

  • Oak, either Red or Bur – Quercus rubra or Q. macrocarpa

  • White Spruce (evergreen) – Picea glauca

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