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Woodpark Community Association

Association Structure

The Woodpark Community Association is governed up to fifteen board members operating within the bylaws for the organization. There are four named executive officers and up to eleven directors. Below are the current executive officers and directors. 

Additionally, there are four committees each with their own focus. They are chaired by a board member and recruit other directors and members of the Woodpark community to carry out their mandates. The committees are guided by terms of reference. The details for the committees can be found below.


Board Members

President - Sue Milburn Hopwood

Sue is a long time resident of Woodpark. Sue values the walkability of the neighbourhood, the sense of community that exists and the easy access to green space, public transit and local services. She is committed to ensuring that these attributes are further enhanced as the anticipated developments in Woodpark and the surrounding area proceed.

Vice President - David Levesque

David has been a resident of Woodpark since 2008 and a board member since 2019. "After retiring, I joined to board to give back to this wonderful community. I will use my skills as a retired Management Consultant to contribute to the association"

Secretary - Larry Ladell (Past President)

Larry has lived in Woodpark 15 years and is committed to building a better community for everyone.  As a senior, he is eager to pass on the wisdom of participating in many successful citizens groups.  "With LRT construction, multiple redevelopments and an influx of new residents, Woodpark faces both challenges and opportunities.  I believe that if we engage residents and work together, we will create the community that we want to live in, celebrate and have our children to grow up in"

Treasurer - Jennifer Plank

Although Jennifer only moved to Woodpark in 2019, she quickly fell for the neighbourhood, thankful for the warm welcome it extended her way. She decided to give back to her community and became a member of the Board in 2021. In her spare time, she enjoys part time beekeeping near Picton (4 hives, and plenty of honey to go round!) and gardening. You might spot her walking Frida, a black-and-brown pup, around the area - usually chasing squirrels..and sometimes Frida joins in!

Director - Michael Brum

Micheal looks forward to the opportunity to provide input into the future growth of this great neighborhood.

Board Member - Joan Harrison

Joan is a Director for the association.

Director - Jim Smedley

Jim moved to Woodpark in September 2019 and lives in the Centretown  Citizens Ottawa Corporation rental complex along Midway and Hartleigh. He has enjoyed the friendly neighbours and supporting the various initiatives promoted through the board.

Vacant Board Positions Available

Click the button below if you are interested in joining our board.



The Sustainability Committee works with the community to undertake projects and initiatives to reverse and adapt to climate change, reduce waste and address sustainability issues such as local food production. They seek partnership with other community organizations, not-for-profits and local businesses with the goals of addressing environmental concerns.

The Outreach and Events Committee organizes community events and activities to foster community spirit and improve our local environment.  We strive to maintain a calendar of events that offer residents an opportunity to experience the joy of serving and celebrating with their neighbours.  Ideas are always helpful, however, what is more important is knowing what you are prepared to contribute towards the work of building a more vibrant and better community.

The Infrastructure and Development Committee is mandated to represent Woodpark members on issues of Traffic, Infrastructure and Developments in Woodpark. They work with and City and NCC representatives to understand and comment on how development impacts Woodpark and to ensure Woodpark voices are heard.


The Internal Services Committee  provides administrative support to the board, oversee the financial management of the community association, and ensure the board's activities align with the bylaws. The committee manages the website, external communication and prepares and publishes documentation of board meetings (monthly and AGM) for the community association



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