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Byron Sidewalk Construction and Truck traffic

Since the end of May the City has been working on Byron AVE  to prepare it for the beginning of the rail construction project.

This work has focused on the location of utility services, the movement of some, and the building of the curb and sidewalk on the south side of Byron AVE. The demands of the work, with its heavy trucks and equipment has been disruptive to many. Clearly the closer you live to the work and truck movements, the more stress and challenges those residents feel.

Below is the response from the Rail Construction Program office to concerns about truck traffic raised by a community member on Richardson AVE. The Woodpark Board has also been in conversations with residents of Woodroffe AVE as well, who are also concerned by the volume of truck traffic in the area.

We are at the beginning of an extensive building period around the community. The construction will last a number of years. We will all need to give space to pedestrians walking in the community and be mindful of our speed and changing traffic patterns on our streets.

Your Community Association is pushing for information from the Rail Office to ensure mitigation measures are in place and to inform the community of these pending activities.
Stay Safe.

All the best,

Ian McCallum
President of Woodpark CA
Resident of Byron AVE

Click here to see the email sent from Transportation Services Dept.

HEADS-UP: 2175 Carling (formerly 485 Ancaster) Zoning By-law Amendment application.

The WCA received notice on August 16, 2019 that will be a significant change in scope this project.


Click here for lastest details. 

(On-going) open public comment period

New Development: 2175 Carling Ave

There is a new development being planned in the neighborhood. Learn about it and stay informed on the 485 Ancaster Ave development page.


Lincoln Fields Secondary Plans

Lincoln Fields Secondary Plans

A meeting was held in June where Councillor Kavanagh released the draft of the proposed study area for the Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan. Although, the extent of the study is not yet known, Woodpark community could be impacted. The southwest corner of Woodpark is to be included in the study. 

Consultations for the Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan will start in fall of 2019. 

To view map of study area click here.

Lawn Avenue Parkette

After years of community outreach and consultation with the Stage 2 LRT team, the Woodpark Community Association board is pleased to present the final design concept for the Lawn Avenue Parkette.

Woodpark Traffic Pilot

The Stage 2 Team presented the results of the Woodpark Traffic Pilot at the January 17, 2018 meeting of the WCA. 

The City has concluded that it can proceed with all closures based upon its potential impact on traffic flows.   

The LRT and its Related Projects 


Please read the following cover letter first:  Letter

LRT Stage 2 Update:
July 23, 2019 - Investigative geotechnical activities will take place over the next few weeks. Drill rigs will be used to drill boreholes of varying depths, in order to collect water and soil samples. 
Approximate locations (blue dots) are marked on the aerial map. Click here to view map. 

Stage 2 - Light Rail (LRT) Route-Corridor

To see the City's proposed Stage 2 LRT Station locations with proposed features and images of the follow-up landscaping that is being proposed, please select the URL below.


LRT Corridor and Stations

See also the Stage 2 LRT link on our 'Useful Links' page.

Stage 2 - Byron Corridor

Traffic Options & Survey

The following information contains the survey results and follow up.

Woodpark Survey Results


Woodpark Traffic Pilot


Stage2 LRT Resources

Stage 2 - Byron Corridor

Intensification Options

See material on the Byron Corridor Intensification Initiative, presented at the public information session held on May 23rd, at the Ukrainian Hall on Byron Ave. You may review the purpose, mandate and timeline of the project, as well as the material presented at the open house

Byron Intensification Planning Study

See the Woodpark Submission - May 2017 on Byron Ave intensification.

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