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Help us plant 100 trees in Woodpark by fall 2024!

The Woodpark ‘s Tree Team is looking to organize a group purchase of trees for planting by homeowners on their property (i.e. backyards or the portion of front or side yard not in the city’s right of way).  The group purchase may result in a volume-related discount on the price of the trees, their delivery and installation costs. We have been in contact with some local tree nurseries to explore our options.

Trees vary in cost depending on their species and size, and generally start from about $150, then increase with size (and some species). Depending on size and nursery, there may also be delivery and installation charges.

To get an idea of prices you may wish to look at the trees offered by:



If you are interested in joining this effort to green our community please let us know by completing this form by April 21st so we can plan for spring planting. Once we know the level of interest, we will work to negotiate some savings to be passed onto you. If you are interested, we’ll follow up with a few questions and some additional details.

Buyers are welcome to make their own selection of trees, but here are some that are tolerant to drought and our warming climate. Click on picture for description.

What Size Tree

Thanks for submitting!We’ll get back to you shortly.

If you want a free tree in your front yard, you may be eligible for one at no cost via the city:  Trees in Trust | City of Ottawa.

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