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Fall & Winter Fun Events

During the first half of 2020 residents of Woodpark have had a great deal to contend with. The COVID-19 pandemic, the constant truck traffic trundling through the neighbourhood streets, the loss of so many trees to accommodate the Stage-2 LRT build, and so much more. Our residents have been both vocal and patient and for that we want to thank you. We have been working diligently on your behalf with our Councilor and the City of Ottawa.

For the second half of the year, while we still practice our safe COVID WISE procedures, we want to get back to some fun community activities and we have some ideas we want you to engage with. While the items below are not guaranteed to happen, they are some of the ideas our board is considering. Please consider commenting on them and suggest others you would like to have happen.

September – Ancaster / Flower Mural Refresh

We had to cancel the annual refresh of our beautiful street mural in the spring. Because we have all been dutifully adhering to Pandemic protocols and have had restriction partially lifted we are planning to refresh the mural in a safe and COVID WISE manner. Planning is underway and details will be announced soon. We can look forward to having public art lift our spirits again soon!

October – Pumpkin Tour

Everyone loves Halloween right! We would like to start an annual pumpkin tour in Woodpark. Our residents would obtain a pumpkin, carve it in an interesting and creative way and then proudly display it to the community. Everyone will then be able to take selfies with the pumpkins and vote in a variety of categories. Winners will be given a certificate they can boast about on Halloween night! Hopefully we can find some vendor who will come to Woodpark and provide pumpkins at a reduced price.

November – Pet Portraits

As the autumn really kicks in we tend to retreat indoors so why not get your camera ready and make some pictures of our furry and feathered friends. I know not everyone has a pet but still, everyone can participate. We will post all submitted picture on the website and everyone will be able to cast a vote as to which companion is the cutest, silliest or just most loveable. We hope to find a local pet store to provide prizes for the winners.

December – Neighbourhood Secret Santa & Toy Drive

One of the fondest memories in my career was getting to know my coworkers via a Secret Santa gift exchange. With so many of us working from home this year, chance of having an office Secret Santa experience is slim. So why not have a neighbourhood Secret Santa exchange. Residents who are interested in participating would register in the first part of December at the website. Later in the month they would be provided with a random name of someone else who registered along with a brief description of the recipient (to help determine an appropriate gift). Gifts would be limited to $25 value and would have to be accompanied by a unwrapped Toy to be donated to a local toy drive. Near Christmas gifts would be delivered by the WCA and hopefully everyone gets to know our neighbours just a little bit better.

January – Winter Picnic in New Orchard Park

This is a Woodpark tradition. Who doesn’t want to be outside in the cold weekends in January…. really! We would meet up in New Orchard Park and share a cup of cocoa or cider, chat with neighbours and perhaps eat frozen treat. There might even be a campfire where we could thaw the treats or roast some marshmallows.

February – Woodpark Hot Chocolate Walk

Held on the Saturday afternoon from 1 – 3pm of the weekend before Valentine’s day. Volunteer residents would set up a Hot Chocolate urn at the end of their driveway along with a sign from the residents telling the walkers a bit about the residents and why the love to live in Woodpark. A map of the participants would be published on the WCA website in advance and walkers could establish a route of their choosing throughout the neighbourhood. Neighbours could bring their own mugs and meander through Woodpark meeting each other in a socially safe distant way. We would need to get someone to sponsor the hot chocolate and urns.

Feedback requested...

If you like some or all of these ideas, please let us know. We will also be looking for help from volunteers from Woodpark to help stage these events. Please leave comments below.

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