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Joining Hands for a Stronger Woodpark: Why Your Membership Matters

Hello Woodpark Residents,

Our Woodpark community thrives on the collective spirit and the shared aspirations of its members and residents. The Woodpark Community Association (WCA) exists to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive neighborhood and to advocate for everyone at City Hall and beyond.

Today, we are asking you to become a part of our registered membership if you haven’t already. Just because you get our emails does not mean you are a member; you need to have completed this form. New provincial legislation governing not for profit organizations such as community associations, require residents to sign up to be members. So far, only a small fraction of adult residents has registered as members. We urge all residents 18 or older living in Woodpark to sign up to become members.

Why Membership Matters

Strength in Numbers: Each registered member adds to the collective strength of the WCA, enabling us to advocate effectively for community needs, from safer streets to better parks and recreational facilities. Your membership amplifies our voice, ensuring that we are heard loud and clear at city hall and beyond. With the anticipated massive changes that the Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan will bring to Woodpark, we need you as a member more than ever.

Diversity: Woodpark is a mosaic of cultures, backgrounds, age groups and stories. Joining the Woodpark Community Association provides you with a forum to learn about the issues facing the neighbourhood and express your point of view. The Woodpark Community Association needs to hear the perspectives of all of its residents to do its job to represent the community.

How You Can Join: Joining is simple, and it is free. Visit our website, fill out the membership form. Whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the neighborhood, your membership is a step toward a more connected and empowered Woodpark.

Your membership is more than just your name on a form; it’s a pledge to be an active participant in the growth and well-being of Woodpark. Together, we can ensure that the WCA truly represents all of us, making our community a better place for generations to come.

Join us. Grow with us. Make a difference!

With warm regards,

The Woodpark Community Association

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