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Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan

Virtual Open House Nov 22 - Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan - 6:30 PM (Register here)

The Woodpark Community Association is encouraging Woodpark residents to attend the Lincoln Field Secondary Plan Virtual Open House to inform themselves about the City's plan for the western and southern parts of our neighbourhood and the surrounding area. 

When the Woodpark Community Association was first involved in the development of the Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan, three years ago, we were optimistic that it provided an opportunity to bring some community amenities to Woodpark such as park space, sidewalks or a nearby community centre. The current plan does not appear to provide for any new amenities. What is proposed is as follows:

  • Diminished greenspace in the Lincoln Fields Orchard Area;

  • Affordable housing south of the Community Garden and north of Carling;

  • 7 storey buildings on the west side of Edgeworth between Carling and Lawn;

  • Medium and Highrise developments on the north side of Carling between Edgeworth and Woodroffe;

  • Replacing freed up Kichi Zibi Migan road space with housing rather than greenspace

  • Very high density mixed use development where the former Lincoln Heights Mall was located

The Woodpark Community Association will also be organizing a separate discussion for the community with the City's Planner responsible for the Plan, in December or January, to ask more questions and express our opinions.  We will also consider sending a formal letter to the city commenting on the Lincoln Fields Secondary Plan. 

Residents can register for the Virtual Open House here

Hope to see you virtually on Nov 22.

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