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Ontario Land Tribunal Appeal - 429 Ancaster Development Proposal

The Woodpark Community Association is seeking your feedback on its submission to the Ontario Land Tribunal concerning this development. The developer’s (Altaire Group) application to build four semi detached dwellings on this property was denied by the City of Ottawa’s Committee of Adjustment. The developer has appealed this decision to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT). The hearing will be held on February 15, 2024. 

In its submission to the OLT, the Woodpark Community Association is proposing to raise the issue of the adequacy of the City’s existing infrastructure in the immediate area. The Association will request assurance that, should the project be approved, the neighbouring properties would not be adversely impacted with regard to:

  1. Water supply;

  2. Sewage system capacity;

  3. Stormwater management.

The Association is requesting that you provide your views about the Association’s proposed submission by Monday January 22. You can use the blog comments below to provide your feedback. Please identify yourself in any comments in the blog. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Thank you! 

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I believe the comments made by some earlier people hit all the high points. They are so 'on the money' that I will reiterate all of the relevant points.

I too suspect that the city will say that Ancaster street services (i.e. infrastructure) are sufficient. However, where's the report showing that current infrastructure conditions are acceptable?

Sorry to say it, but I also do not trust the city planning department either. They are simply carrying down the tablets they received from the God of intensification on Mount Laurier Ave. They never produce evidence that they have done their due diligence. Dealing with concerned citizens they simply say that everything is fine. And then we find out (too late of …



When the semi was built across from me on Woodland the developer and the city did not realize there was a storm sewer and where it was. The excavation company damaged the pipe as it was on the west side of the street on the side of the development and they did not know it was there. Fortunately for them the two units and the next single had the sump pumps tied into the storm sewer. I found out that this is permitted provide the storm sewer can handle it. I think that all of the houses on Woodland have sump pump water discharged into the ditches, unless some are discharged internally into the sanitary sewer which is illegal.




429 Ancaster Development Proposal In addition to the already noted in adequacies of the original & follow-up proposal. I recommend reviewing residential & visitor parking ratio & strategy, garbage storage capacity & pickup strategy, developers privacy fencing implementation on side & back yard invasion of privacy from high density, higher cost rental development.


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