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Input on Variance Application - 429 Ancaster Ave.

Woodpark, like most Ottawa neighbourhoods, is changing. There is an urgent need for more and more affordable housing everywhere around us. Woodpark is no different. There is an urgent need for intensification and affordability. This has several implications for our community and our residents.

The provincial government has implemented new legislation “Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022” which in turn, requires the city of Ottawa to update the bylaws that govern what can be built and where and allow for increased density. That process is ongoing and until it is complete we still work within the existing bylaws.

Woodpark, as an unplanned community, has a variety of housing from apartments to multi-unit low rise buildings to single family homes. It also has a number of unusual lot sizes and shapes. When new buildings are built, sometimes developers need to request variances to the bylaws to build what they have designed. The Woodpark Community Association gets informed of these requests which we review and sometimes comment upon, usually without seeking input from the community. We are planning to develop some procedures on how we do these reviews, including seeking community input, so that we are consistent and fair to all applications.

In the meantime, an application for variances has been submitted for 429 Ancaster Ave. and there is a hearing on the application scheduled for Oct. 17 (press this link to find the proposal). This application is unique from others we have seen as it is requesting some variances that will permit four new semi-detached homes to be built on a large and deep property where only one single family home presently exists. The Woodpark Community Association has been consulted on this development by the developer and we believe that this represents the “gentle intensification” needed and appropriate in Woodpark.

Given the size and potential impact on Woodpark, it is prudent that we seek feedback from Woodpark residents. We will be attending the hearing on this application and will communicate what we heard from our residents.

Please reply in the comments section below to provide your input by October 15.

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