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What Do We Want for Woodpark?

The Woodpark Community Association would like to hear from you about what you would like for our community. Recognizing that there are many needs within the City of Ottawa, we would like to prepare a list of a few implementable initiatives that could be presented to our Councillor before the next round of budget preparations.

Traffic and road repair will be on many people’s list. It is on our list too, but these items are core to the city responsibilities and should already be in the budget. Less noise and disruption from Stage 2 LRT construction will be on the list but this is relatively short-term and I think we have exhausted what can be done on this issue.

We are asking you for your thoughts about new initiatives that would make Woodpark a more livable and vibrant community. We will be collecting ideas over the summer and early in September we will compile and prioritize a list. Suggestions to date have included

  • a dog run

  • exercise equipment for New Orchard Park

  • a community centre

  • more parks and trees

We are now challenging you to come up with ideas we can act on.

Click this link to visit our website and tell us what you would like for Woodpark.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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