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Who Wants to Get Involved?

Woodpark and our neighbouring communities are experiencing major development projects. OC Transpo Stage 2 will bring many changes to our community. There are already major plans for new residential projects, Carlingwood shopping centre is growing, the building at Richmond & Woodroffe is well underway. Soon, the corner of Woodroffe & Carling will have two new towers built. All of these projects will have significant impact on Woodpark.

Woodpark has now been my home for a dozen years and I love our neighbourhood and I want to keep loving our neighbourhood. I joined the Woodpark Community Association board to help ensure that, as our community experiences rapid growth over the next few years, I am informed of the kind of growth that is being planned. I want to have my voice heard and to help all of our community members have their voices heard too!

The Woodpark Community Association has twelve positions. Two of those positions are currently vacant. Of the ten current members, there are only 3 women and there are no members of colour or members under 40 years old. We need this to change! Will you be the one to help make some changes?

Joining the board need not be a significant effort. We meet once per month, usually in person, but most recently by video conference due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Board Members are expected to attend our monthly meetings usually held at 7 pm on the 2nd Wednesday.  Each meeting lasts approximately 90 minutes.   A Board Member is expected to identify an area of responsibility and possibly a second area so that there is continuity in reporting each month.  Throughout the month there are usually several email conversations as we work with the city and our Councillor to discuss issues that impact Woodpark.

Do you want to join me in making Woodpark a great place to live? Send us an email at and let's talk about how you can help.

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