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Woodpark Pumpkin Voting

To cast your vote complete the form below. You can only vote once with any email address and you can select any team for any category.

Congratulations to The Skeleton Crew! A clean sweep of all four categories!

Ward Crew

Ward Crew - 20211024_152623.jpg
Ward Crew - 20211024_152637.jpg
Ward Crew - IMG_20211024_162510_189.jpg
Ward Crew - 20211024_152603.jpg
Ward Crew - 20211024_152609.jpg
Ward Crew - 20211024_152505.jpg

Pumpkin Puke

Pumpkin Puke - Pumpkin Puke.jpg
Pumpkin Puke - Cat on the Fence.jpg
Pumkin Puke - Pacman vs Blinky.jpg

Hulford Hellions

Hulford Hellions - image10.jpeg
Hulford Hellions - image7.jpeg
Hulford Hellions - image8.jpeg
Hulford Hellions - image9.jpeg
Hulford Hellions - image6.jpeg
Hulford Hellions - image5.jpeg

Baizana Carvers

Baizana Carvers - image11.jpeg
Baizana Carvers - image12.jpeg
Baizana Carvers - image9.jpeg
Baizana Carvers - image10.jpeg

Dr. Kool, Hermione and the Ninja

Dr. Kool - 20211030_083430.jpg
Dr. Kool - 20211030_084520.jpg

The Skeleton Crew - Midway

Winner of all four categories

Thanks for the congratulations, we can actually use these gift cards as I have just started back to work after over a year off. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me who wins or who loses.  I do it for the smiles and the scares, however, I can use this money right now.

I feel bad that more people didn’t enter or vote. It was very disappointing to see a few people upset and not having fun with it. We put so much time and effort into our display, I want Halloween to be fun, not a cutthroat competition. I spent over 24 hours just cleaning and carving pumpkins and three of those, my kids did 100% on their own.  I will continue to do what I have always done with or without a contest.  John Richardson

The Skeleton Crew - image0.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image1.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image2.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image3.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image7.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image8.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image4.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image10.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image5.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image9.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - image11.jpeg
The Skeleton Crew - Midway - IMG_4418.jpg
The Skeleton Crew - Midway - IMG_4421.jpg
The Skeleton Crew - Midway - IMG_4425.jpg

Lima Beans

Lima Beans - Magical Woodland Carriage.JPG

Night Creatures

Night Creatures - 68B4443C-9A89-43DC-8D8C-5BF0C3E8ACB5.jpeg
Night Creatures - D9A6804B-87AA-4C9C-A70D-11CC6DF8DE71.jpeg
Night Creatures - 3946012F-0E55-4A58-B2FD-35ADA5EC8826.jpeg
Night Creatures - 56320CCF-6413-4EE2-B941-5A0C5BCEA45E.jpeg

The Rossiter's

The Rossiters -1215769571286848363.jpg

Frida's Fam

Fridas Fam - Image 1.jpeg
Fridas Fam - Image 2.jpeg

Curtis Carver

Curtis Carver - IMG_1314.JPG
Curtis Carver - 20211030_154637.jpg
Curtis Carver - IMG_1315.JPG


JAE - IMG_20211031_132931.jpg
JAE - IMG_20211030_185207.jpg
JAE - IMG_20211030_150718.jpg
JAE - IMG_20211030_150701.jpg
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