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What Woodpark Wants - Priorities for 2023/24

Throughout the summer months we asked Woodpark residents what they wanted for Woodpark. The plan was to gather input over the summer and compile the results in early fall. This is what we heard.

It was an open ended question and Woodpark residents provided a variety of answers and comments. Many of the comments we have heard before and undoubtedly we will continue to hear. This comment was very nice “We appreciate all the work you do for the association. Whoever puts the e-mails together does an excellent job. It looks real professional. Thank you for the compliment.

Nearly all of the comments could be summarized in three different groups.

  1. Better traffic planning, control and infrastructure.

    1. Crosswalks and sidewalks

    2. Traffic calming measures

    3. Road repairs

    4. Parking control and enforcement

  2. More green space and trees.

    1. Lawn Parkette turned back to us from Stage 2 LRT ASAP

    2. Tree replacement programs

    3. Bird boxes discreetly placed all around

  3. Community amenities for the health and wellbeing of our residents

    1. A community centre (with a pool)

    2. A dog run

    3. A community oven and expanded community garden

The information that we obtained from this survey has provided useful input to the Strategic Plan for the Woodpark Community Association and Priorities for 2023/2024. We urge Woodpark residents to read the Strategic Plan and become familiar with the work of the Association and its Committees. A few of projects underway advance some of the idea identified in “What Woodpark Wants survey”

Advance projects to make Woodpark a more liveable, sustainable and vibrant community:

  • Tree Team - Woodpark Community Association has formed a Tree Team, a group of knowledgeable volunteers from the community with a passion for trees. Their goal is to see 100 new trees planted in Woodpark by October 2024. If you would like to join the Tree Team or find out how you can contribute to meeting the 100 tree goal, please send an email to or follow the uptakes on the Tree section of the website.

  • Community Centre in Woodroffe Park - Over the last couple of years Bay Ward Councillor Theresa Kavanagh has advanced plans for the design of a new community centre in Woodroffe Park to replace the Woodroffe Park Field House, serving Woodpark, Carlingwood and other nearby communities. The challenge now is to promote the project and help find funding from the various levels of governments and other partners to build the facility. Representatives from the Woodpark Community Association recently met with representatives for the Carlingwood Community Association to start this work. The proposed design for the Community Centre can be found

Develop and Foster Community Spirit

  • Holiday Giving Tree - Once again the Woodpark Community Association, along with neighbouring community associations, will be collecting personalized gifts for residents in nearby Long Term Care Facilities and Seniors Organizations. Details on how to participate will be available in early November.

  • Movie Night in the Park - On September 9th the Events Committee hosted another successful movie night in New Orchard Park featuring “Night at the Museum”. The weather was excellent and a good time was had by all.

  • Other Woodpark Events - The Events Committee will be planning other events and projects for our community in the coming months. If you have an idea for an event or would like to volunteer please let us know by sending an email to

Increase knowledge and engagement in policy initiatives and development proposals that may impact the community.

  • The process to finalize the Lincoln Field’s Secondary Plan which includes NCC lands west of Edgeworth is about to get underway after being stalled for over a year. This provides an opportunity to advance ideas about the use of the space south of the community garden. WCA Board Members will participate in a Stakeholder Meeting with the City of Ottawa on Oct 25 and the City is planning a public open house on November 22 to discuss the plan. Stay tuned for details.

If you would like more details about any of the initiatives above or would like to volunteer to help advance them, please send an email to

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Oct 17, 2023

Did we get this right? Please provide comments and new ideas in the comment section. Please consider identifying yourself at the end of your comment so we can follow up with you.

David Levesque,


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